Teamwork & Operations: Building a carnival

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Improve the way you lead and work on a team, all while planning a virtual carnival!
Camp objectives: Identify your strengths and goals when working in teams Explore effective teamwork, management, and operations skills Participate in engaging activities to bring a virtual carnival to life Experience problem solving, teamwork, communication, organization, budgets, and timelines Campers will plan a virtual carnival and use their management and operation skills to bring it to life (planning, budget, research, timelines, managing people, sales and outreach)
Skills developed: Communication, collaboration, leadership
Materials needed: Writing materials, coloring materials, recycled materials to build carnival events, scissors, tape/glue, paper
About the camp: Campers meet once a week for five weeks. Each camp meet-up will last 75 minutes.



The program is very dynamic and interesting, I saw my kids learn new things everyday! The small camp sizes really helped my kids meet their personal learning goals.

Dahlia B.
Parent from Mexico

You all did a wonderful job. Our kids had a great time at camp and the communication and engagement of the parents throughout the camp experience was impressive.

Nicholas T.
Parent from the USA


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