Culture, Crafts, & Cooking Around the World

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Do you want to take a virtual trip around the world, making crafts and cooking delicious recipes?
Camp objectives: Go on a virtual journey around the world and discover both differences and commonalities between people Learn about different parts of the world through music and hands-on crafts that show campers about that particular culture Among the countries campers will have the opportunity to explore are: Brazil, Ghana, Canada, and the Netherlands Try recipes at home from each of the new places they learn about Cultivate a deeper understanding for our diverse planet
Skills developed: Global awareness, creativity, communication, social skills.
Materials needed: paper, markers, brad/paper clip, tape/glue
Camp time: Camps meet once a week for five weeks. Each camp meet-up will last 75 minutes.



The program is very dynamic and interesting, I saw my kids learn new things everyday! The small camp sizes really helped my kids meet their personal learning goals.

Dahlia B.
Parent from Mexico

You all did a wonderful job. Our kids had a great time at camp and the communication and engagement of the parents throughout the camp experience was impressive.

Nicholas T.
Parent from the USA


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