Hi, my name is Samuel Murk Caya, and I am studying computer science and economics at Brown University. I am a large public high school in Southern California, so large that my graduating class has more than 1,000 students. In such a large group of students, I learned how to make myself stand out, and I believe it played an important role in my acceptance by Brown University. I made sure to pick topics that are very personal to me and I am confident that no one will write similar articles. After receiving the admission letter from Brown University, I was invited to the school. I was fortunate enough to meet the admissions officer who reviewed my application and the subject of my personal essay that I can recall from my name. In addition to striving for good credits and participating in extracurricular activities and clubs, it is very important to separate yourself from other applicants. I do believe that personal essays are the best way to do this. As long as you start writing as early as possible, you will have enough time to find your own style and make changes carefully. The interview is also an opportunity to stand out, so I will encourage you to accept all interview opportunities. Although you want to be prepared to answer some common questions you anticipate, such as why you want to go to the above-mentioned universities, or tell the interviewer about yourself. An interview is a conversation, so it is difficult to include everything you want to say. It's hard for you to really predict how an interview will be conducted, and you shouldn't sound very mechanized, forcing prepared topics into the conversation. In addition, all my interviews are conducted through alumni, not admissions officers. Personal articles are first-hand information about who you are. Interviews and recommendation letters are only second-hand. That's why I think articles are so important. You will not encounter such a structured environment to showcase yourself in other parts of the application process. When you apply to a school whose applicants are all high-credits and not outsiders, the important moments that show your personality and enthusiasm will not be understood.
Brown University
Admissions Statistics*
Global average ranking: 101st
Acceptance rate: 7.7%
Average credits in high school: 4.08
Comprehensive score (25-75 percentage points): 33-35
SAT math scores (25-75 percentage points): 720-790
Evidence-based reading and writing (25-75 percentage points): 700-760
*Data compiled directly from schools and other major sources. It’s done by us, so you don’t have to do it! Information was last updated: September 2021.